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Getting started: crawling multiple sites

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mopiola posted on Wed, Apr 28 2010 7:03 AM

I am using with the SQL 2005 database. I assume that running  for the first time will not do anything until the code is uncommented in Console -> program.cs?

How do I set up a crawl request to begin crawling a site? For example, what if I wanted to crawl for .aspx files and only in the /forums/ directory. Do I specify this in the code or in the databae? I see a table called CrawlRequests, do I add this site information to this table?

Ultimately, here is what I am trying to accomplish. I want to be able to creat a document repository of resources from many different websites. I need to be able to crawl multiple websites, and for each website restrict the crawl to certain directories, filetypes, depth, etc. Is there a way I can have a table with sites to crawl and then add them to the crawl request?

I hope someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you.


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Looks like you have been registered for quite some time, mopiola.

Which version of AN are you using?

I wouldn't add CR's to the CR table, but rather add them as shown in Program.cs.  This table is used by the Cache/Engine.

Read this post about restricting a crawl:

To restrict to a specific directory you would need to write a plugin.  There is a file, AbsoluteUri.cs, which you may or may not have... (it's not in a demo as the SiteCrawler project is compiled/obfuscated/encrypted)... which shows how you would accomplish filtering.  There is also a new property of Discoveries and CrawlRequests (IsStorable) which allows you to crawl through a site and only store what you want, rather than being blocked by IsDisallowed.  Very handy, but only in the newest release version.  If you purchase a license I will write the plugin for you. 

Let me know how you would like to proceed.  I would love to help you!  Big Smile

- Mike

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