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Primordial Computers is owned by a good friend and long-time user of

From their site:

Primordial Computers delivers the best custom computer experience by redefining the industry standards one computer at a time. We only use industry and community proven hardware to create the ultimate custom gaming computer. This ensures that each piece of hardware is backed by fellow computer enthusiasts and industry specialists. You know that you're getting the very best components available inside your custom computer.

Any company can build a computer but the quality and reliability provided by Primordial Computers is unmatched by any other vendor. Many claim to offer custom PCs but they don't deliver a complete customer focused experience designed to meet your intense gaming and productivity needs. When we undertake the process of creating an unrivaled custom computer we focus on a strong set of customization options, top notch customer service, latest software lineup, and industry leading technology.

• Fully customizable complete computer package to ensure each unit is personalized to your unique needs.
• Hand-built by industry specialists who are computer enthusiasts themselves and take pride in their work.
• Each custom PC receives an industry leading quality and performance check.
• Every Primordial Computer runs through a minimum of 120 hours of straight testing.
• Primordial Computers only uses high quality components.
• Optimal cable management to reduce internal case clutter.
• Each Primordial Computer is inspected and must pass over 100 quality checkpoints.


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An Open Source C# web crawler with Lucene.NET search using SQL 2008/2012/CE

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