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UriClassificationType does not exist in current context

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jon555 posted on Tue, Sep 1 2009 7:25 AM














In the Console project the test crawl the new Crawl Request says that UriClassificationType does not exist in the current context.




crawl test code

_crawler =


new Crawler




if (_crawler.QueryProcessor != null



_crawler.QueryProcessor.OnQuerySuccessfullyProcessed += QueryProcessor_OnQuerySuccessfullyProcessed;




if (_crawler.Engine != null



_crawler.Engine.OnQuerySuccessfullySubmitted += Engine_OnQuerySuccessfullySubmitted;

_crawler.Engine.OnCrawlCompleted += Engine_OnCrawlCompleted;



//run [arachnode_usp_arachnode.net_RESET_DATABASE] to completely reset the database, if desired.



//ArachnodeDAO arachnodeDAO = new ArachnodeDAO();



//arachnodeDAO.ExecuteSql("EXEC [dbo].[arachnode_usp_arachnode.net_RESET_DATABASE]");



//You can logically OR the UriClassificationTypes to set what a CrawlRequest crawls!!!



//This example shows crawling only the '' domain, and only crawling .aspx pages (WebPages), and only processing/storing discoveries (EmailAddresses, HyperLinks, Files, Images) that match the submitted CrawlRequests' FileExtension.



//Settings the Depth to int.Max means to crawl the first page, and then int.MaxValue - 1 hops away from the initial CrawlRequest AbsoluteUri - so, the entire site.



//You can stop a Crawl and the Crawl will be saved to the CrawlRequests table.



new CrawlRequest(new Discovery(""), int

.MaxValue, UriClassificationType.Domain | UriClassificationType.FileExtension, UriClassificationType.Domain | UriClassificationType.FileExtension, 1));









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Do you know how to add a reference to an object?  The console's using statements were likely cleaned after the Crawl statement was commented.


For best service when you require assistance:

  1. Check the DisallowedAbsoluteUris and Exceptions tables first.
  2. Cut and paste actual exceptions from the Exceptions table.
  3. Include screenshots.

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